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The Background

At Isis.m Jewelry, our creations are more than adornments; they are the embodiment of spiritual journeys and cultural legacies. Founded by Janiqwa "Iya J." Nganga, our brand is a reflection of her personal ancestral lineages and a celebration of diverse spiritual traditions. Along her journey, she learned of a specific lineage of ancestors who were jewelry makers, artisans, and goldsmiths harvesting fine stones and minerals.  Recognizing the sacredness of these inherited crafts and trades, Iya J. embarked on a mission to fill the void in fine jewelry with pieces that authentically represent various spiritual symbols.

Collaborating with other skilled artisans, she transforms each design into a work of art, resonating with the sacred power inherent in fine stones and minerals sourced directly from Africa. Our jewelry encapsulates the essence of spirituality, inviting you to embrace the divine and carry its energy with grace.

Learn About The Tribe

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