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Handmade Candle


Illuminate your space with the celestial elegance of our Venus Rose Candle. Infused with the delicate essence of wild rosea and the invigorating aroma of Rosemary essential oils.  This enchanting blend captures the essence of moonlit gardens, evoking a sense of timeless allure and ethereal beauty. Let the flickering flame of the Venus Candle transport you to a realm where moonlight dances with the fragrance of blooming roses, igniting a moment of pure enchantment.

Venus Rose Candle

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Burn Time: 

    8 oz (approx. 48 hrs), 12 oz (approx. 72 hrs)

    Trim wick whenever the flame is re-lit. Stop burning when 1/2” of wax remains. Always use fire safety precautions   

  • Items are shipped within an average time of 7 days.  However, this product is handmade and shipping time may vary, unless specified in stock.

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